Yela Run

Area of operations:

  • Crusader / PU
  • Yela

Operational scope:

  • Ship-to-ship combat

Number of participants:

  • 6+

Participant deployment structure:

  • One/Two of the participants is designated “Target”.
  • The rest of the participants are after the target, “Seekers”.

Participant equipment loadout:

  • Targets get the fastest ship they can get their hands on
  • The Seekers get normal combat crafts

Initial Deployment:

  • The Target is at the initial entry point to Yela from Port Olisar
  • The starting positions of the others are scattered around the asteroid field

Victory conditions:

  • Targets win if they can make a full revolution
  • Seekers win if they can successfully kill both Targets.

Special rules:

  • Targets can only fly and they cannot engage with the Seekers
  • Targets can use CRU mode
  • Seekers cannot use CRU mode to get ahead of the Targets

Credit to the author: Gyre-Taenn in THIS post.

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