Seek and Hide

Area of operations:

  • Crusader / PU
  • Yela

Operational scope:

  • Ship-to-ship combat
  • Ground Combat

Number of participants:

  • 4-8

Participant deployment structure:

  • Yela asteroid field
  • One Tango
  • Rest are in the CAP

Participant equipment loudout:

  • CAP – Combat Ships
  • Tango – Stealth Fighters
    • Ghost
    • Sabre
    • Etc

Initial Deployment:

  • Tango gets a 15 minute head start to deploy somewhere in the Yela asteroid belt
  • CAP departs from Port Olisar to Yela

Victory conditions:

  • Tango must identify the ship type of at least 75% of the CAP
  • Tango must fly to Kareah and hack the terminal, simulating the transmission of scout data
  • CAP must find the Tango and destroy it, or prevent the pilot from successfully hacking the security station
  • If Tango is destroyed before hacking the terminal, CAP wins
  • If Tango successfully hacks the terminal, and has identified 75% of CAP ships, Tango wins

Special rules:

  • CAP is not allowed to deploy to Kareah unless the Tango has been detected

Credit to the author: Geekavenger.