API Deprecation and Rebuild

The current API for this website is going to be deprecated in the coming week or two. Luckily, there are not many people who use this. With luck, the transition will be painless.

The reason behind this is WordPress is building its own API (more info here), which uses its own integrated framework and system of doing things.
I discovered this today when I made an attempt to submit my API’s plugin to the WordPress public repository, and it was denied. Not due to any fault of mine, but the WordPress folks are doing their best to discourage competition and (more importantly) market fragmentation.

There is currently no problem with the existing system. Just a heads up that the endpoints and protocols may change sooner rather than later to a more long-term solution.

I would also like to announce that there may be a new member joining the UOLTT team! She will be helping me rebuild the API and keep the process running smooth. More info to come.

If any questions or concerns come up, please leave them in the comments!



The new API development is in progress. See its page for more information.

Site Migration Complete

The site was moved to its new host late last night, and I let DNS do its thing overnight.

This morning it would appear that the transition was smooth and painless.

The new server doubles the core count of the previous one, and has 30GB of RAM. This should be more than enough for the time being.

I have also installed an SSL Certificate on the site. Not that it matters much, but good security is always a plus!

Server Host Migration

Later tonight, I will be moving this website to a new host (again). We are upgrading to a much larger server to help combat the higher traffic to this site.

With this upgrade we will be able to do more cool stuff, such as hosting email*, SSL, and stuff like that. The API will also be much faster and be able to handle many more requests/second.

I dont exactly when the migration will happen, but it will do so sometime tonight. If you experience service interruptions, ping me on Discord and ill give you an ETA on when it will be back up.


* Dont get too excited about the email part. It will only be for administration and possibly squadron leaders.