Anniversary Live-Stream Event Summary

New Ships:

Anvil Crucible

The “Anvil Crucible” is a brand new ship released today. This ship will play the repair role primarily, however the stream hinted that it could play some other roles as well in time of need.

This ship will weigh in at the $350 mark, meaning that you must be a fairly invested player in order to get one.

I have heard rumors on Discord that UOLTT may buy one with player taxes and lease it out on different operations.

Kruger P-72 Archimedes

This ship has no in-game release date yet, but it is now on sale.
This ship is geared to be a luxury-racer type ship. More details will come later.

Aegis Avenger Warlock

The “Aegis Avenger Warlock” will be released at the drop of 2.0.
The RSI website sates that they will attempt to make this ship hangar ready much earlier in the development process than normal. So even though it can be game ready, don’t expect it to be perfect right off the bat.

Ship Repair/Maintenance:

One of the greatly anticipated in-game elements is the ability to repair your ship.
I, for one, find it rather annoying having my only options to repair my ship either self-destruction or returning to hangar. Having this new option will give battles a whole new dynamic.

There are many repair roles, which I will not go into detail with. I will mention that the repair functionality is very granular. Every detail was accounted for, all the way down to what material or alloys are used for the repair job.

For more information you may look at its page HERE.

Squadron 42:

Development on Squadron 42 has been progressing smoothly. Even though a lot was said about the development of this, sadly it is difficult to put onto paper.

To sum it all up, the game will be released in three parts. The first of these will be approximately 700 pages in length.

Also, Mark Hamil is a boss, but you already knew this.

Alpha 2.0:

This is what everyone has been talking about. Everything else be damned, this is what is important.

The “Million Mile High” Club

One of the key points is making sure attention to detail is not lost. Everything from hardwood floors, to lighting, to what is arguably the most important item: the fish tank.
If everything had to be summed up into one word, I believe that Mark said it best: “Swanky.”
On a side note, it was hinted that there may be more of these clubs for other players in future versions of Star Citizen.

Release date

Beginning today Star Citizen 2.0 will be in “Limited PTU.” 1000 players who have been active in bug reporting will be invited to play in the new 2.0 universe.
There is no hard release date for the full Public Test Universe. There is speculation that it might be a few weeks off, saying that they are not ready because they are not releasing the full PTU. There have also been people saying it must be coming very soon, and that they have shown great progress so far.

New Features

  • New Flight Model
    • High-Precision, this will be for very fine movements such as landing
    • Combat or “Normal,” this is basically the current system with a few tweaks
    • Cruise, for in-system travel.
    • Quantum, for travel between systems
  • There will be 16 missions
  • There will be 20 featured space encounters
  • An ongoing battle with the Vanduul will be available to join
  • Wreckage and Salvage operations will be available
  • The maximum ship count has been raised to between 12-16. The max player count may be higher due to having multiple players in any given ship
  • You may EVA while in-flight
  • EMP game-play has been added
  • Your player will regain health over time
  • Full PvP will be available

New Game-Play Footage

New game-play footage will be released closer to the release of the game. In the mean time, the footage released so far has been nothing short of stunning.
When the game is finally released we are definitely in for a treat.

Total Download Size

Expect to be downloading approximately 30GB of data. The team has been doing a great job of removing unused resources from the game, and using the best compression available.

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