A Call for Volunteers

Developers: Do you have too much time and need a project?
Writers: How does an always changing and fast-paced environment sound?
Squad leaders: Have you had difficulty organizing events?

Whoever you are, and whatever you identify as, UOLTT needs you!

This is not a request for highly skilled and specialized individuals (although those are welcome as well), this is a call to everyone who is willing to put in countless hours of work for no pay and little credit.

Absolutely anyone may apply for anything, however If you fall into any of the following categories we strongly urge you to apply:

  • Web Development
    • WordPress
      • Themes
      • Plugins
    • SQL
  • Writing
    • Blogging
    • Instructional writing
    • Announcements
    • General-Editing (proofreading)
  • Media
    • Podcasting
    • Live Streaming
      • twitch.tv
      • hitbox.tv
      • youtube.com
  • Leadership (must already have the required rank)
    • Squad Leaders
    • Platoon Leaders

You may apply by sending “judahnator” a PM on either the LTT forum or Discord, or by commenting on this post.

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