User Database Open to Members

There has not been much in the development category recently, but that is not because nothing has been happening! Quite the opposite, I have been more busy than ever.

I have something exciting to announce: The user-database is now visible to other UOLTT members.
It is far from perfect, and development on it is ongoing. However, for the time being it is running and fully functional.
You can access the database by simply logging into your account, going to the dashboard, and selecting the “Star Citizen” item on the leftmost menu.

The system will be taken offline again for a short time while the Insane-Maths-Department finalizes the database structure and layout, but it should be here to stay.

The public-facing side should be done within a few days. This side will have some limitations though. For example, it will be limited to 20 results and will only show data from users who didn’t opt-out of the public table.

As always, if there are any problems PM me. My LinusTechTips name is judahnator”

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