Data Entry UI

The user-interface for user data-entry is coming along nicely.

There are minor issues, such as being able to claim ownership of multiple ships, but for the most part everything is working just fine.

Here is a quick overview of how you will link your account to your Star Citizen data:

  • You create an account on this website
  • In your user profile, enter in your LTT forum name
  • You will be prompted for the passkey to link yourself to the data
  • One of the website Administrators (me) will PM you on the LTT forum and give you the passkey
  • Enter the passkey. Once that is done your account will be linked to the SC database

That is just a quick overview. Don’t try to do all this just yet, it is only in my development environment at the moment. Soon enough though!

On a side note, if anyone happens to know a bit about JavaScript let me know! I am in need of a JavaScript guy. PM me on the LTT forum, my name is judahnator

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