User Database Open to Members

There has not been much in the development category recently, but that is not because nothing has been happening! Quite the opposite, I have been more busy than ever.

I have something exciting to announce: The user-database is now visible to other UOLTT members.
It is far from perfect, and development on it is ongoing. However, for the time being it is running and fully functional.
You can access the database by simply logging into your account, going to the dashboard, and selecting the “Star Citizen” item on the leftmost menu.

The system will be taken offline again for a short time while the Insane-Maths-Department finalizes the database structure and layout, but it should be here to stay.

The public-facing side should be done within a few days. This side will have some limitations though. For example, it will be limited to 20 results and will only show data from users who didn’t opt-out of the public table.

As always, if there are any problems PM me. My LinusTechTips name is judahnator”

Link Your Profile to the Star Citizen Database

Great news everyone!

The long awaited functionality to link to your UOLTT profile to the Star Citizen database is now complete (sorta).

What we have so far:
We have a database of all the users and their UOLTT membership information. When you create an account, you are able to link your UOLTT Conglomerate account to your LTT Forum account. This is an important step as we need to verify that you are who you say you are.
Once we have verified you are who you say you are, we will unlock your Star Citizen data and it will automatically link to your account based on your forum name.

What still needs done:
We have come a very long-ways to get where we are now. However, there is still a lot of work to do!
One of the major points is even though your local data can be kept up-to-date, the official database hosted by the “Insane Maths Department” (HERE is the database) is not being updated just yet. We are actively working on this, it should be done sometime the first week of November.
Another major milestone is having the data indexed and visible. I have started progress on this. The problem is (again) that the data is not updating the official database yet.

To link your account:
Visit the How-To Page

Exciting stuff is going on. You should definitely get in on this.

Data Entry UI

The user-interface for user data-entry is coming along nicely.

There are minor issues, such as being able to claim ownership of multiple ships, but for the most part everything is working just fine.

Here is a quick overview of how you will link your account to your Star Citizen data:

  • You create an account on this website
  • In your user profile, enter in your LTT forum name
  • You will be prompted for the passkey to link yourself to the data
  • One of the website Administrators (me) will PM you on the LTT forum and give you the passkey
  • Enter the passkey. Once that is done your account will be linked to the SC database

That is just a quick overview. Don’t try to do all this just yet, it is only in my development environment at the moment. Soon enough though!

On a side note, if anyone happens to know a bit about JavaScript let me know! I am in need of a JavaScript guy. PM me on the LTT forum, my name is judahnator

Scheduled Maintenance Complete

The scheduled maintenance this morning, although having taken longer than originally thought, has been completed successfully.

New stuff:

  • Email works: This means users will be able to register in the very-near future
  • IPV6 support: IPV4 addresses have run out in North America. This means we are future-proof for the foreseeable future
  • Bigger Server: MORE POWER!!!
  • Gigabit Connection: MORE POWER FASTER!!!

Unofficial Meetup Tomorrow (24/10/2015)

There will be an unofficial meetup tomorrow, the 24th of October 2015.

There is no official forum post about it, but will be held at approximately 9:00PM GMT (2:00PM PST).

We will be testing some War Games we will be using at the next official meet-up on the 31st of October. See ITS PAGE for details on that meetup.

Downtime Scheduled for 24/10/2015

Downtime has been scheduled for tomorrow, the October 24th 2015 in order to move this website to a new host.

You can read more on the details of exactly why this must happen on its post.

The downtime will begin at 9:00AM PST (after I eat my pancakes) and should be finished by 9:30AM. In the worst-case scenario, downtime may extend as late as Noon.
DNS propagation should not take more than an hour or two, if it takes any time at all. As this is not a high-profile website (yet), we should not have to worry about that.

Once this is done, I will soon be able to open the site to user registration.

Site Host Migration

A few problems have been found out with the current hosting provider.

Right now the site is hosted within the “Google Compute Cloud.” Not that there is anything wrong with it. It is a fantastic service that I have used in other projects, and I will continue to use this service in the future.

The problem lies in the fact that Google has a few firewall rules that we simply cannot live with while hosting this site. For example, they block all outgoing eMail traffic.
This may not sound bad, but when you stop to consider just how much happens via email you begin to understand. For example, when a user tries to make a new account on this website their password is sent to them via email. If outgoing mail is blocked, they could never login or reset their password.

For this reason I am going to schedule downtime sometime this weekend. It will likely happen mid-morning (Pacific Time). The downtime should not last more than 20 minutes, but up to 3 hours can be expected for the worst-case scenario.

The new host will be either DotBlock or DigitalOcean. More details to follow.

Database Structure Planning

With the new API nearly ready for production, I have begun playing with different layout options for holding user data.

The initial idea is to do a mass-import of all the data available from the “yet-to-be-disclosesd” part of the UOLTT organization, and have users tie their user accounts on this website to their Star Citizen data.
If we are lucky, we may even be able to tie user accounts on the LTT forum to this website. Don’t get your hopes up yet, that will be far-out in the future if it happens at all.

What are we going to do with all this data you ask? Well we are making all the information in the database easily searchable and available to all other UOLTT members.
There will likely be an option to make your data publicly available versus only available to verified users, but that is a project for another day!

New API taking shape

Hello again!

I have been working hard in conjunction with the “yet-to-be-disclosed” logistics/support part of UOLTT on some behind-the-scenes stuff.

You might not see much difference on the website. In fact, if everything is going according to plan you will see no change at all.
The new API being built will play a major role in the website, doing everything from keeping user information up to date to (possibly) hosting an app for us in the future!

The possibilities are endless, stay tuned for more updates!

Looking for a home

Here may be our first real mission: To find a home!

UOLTT needs a home, and we need to find one as soon as possible. Many other organizations are looking for homes as well, meaning prime territory will soon dry up.
Good thing we have Operation Eden on our side! Talks have begun with the exploration group on planning and organizing a “rush to the stars.”

At the moment the star system “Odin” is looking like our best option. If anyone sees any other promising star systems, feel free to discuss it with CommanderFett on the LTT forum.

Keep in mind this is still in the planning phase, more information is to come.